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Technical meetings are indicated below by #. Funding assistance is supplied by the IET.

The programme for earlier years can be found here: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014.

December 2nd The use of modern materials in artificial joints #
Joint replacement has been one of the major successes of modern medicine, its continued success depends on effective collaboration between clinicians and researchers across many different areas of science and medicine. A national register has been established which is publicably available.
Andrew Perry - Consultant Surgeon
November 4th Schneider Trophy to Spitfire: the struggles for success #
A closer look at some of the key figures and participants, their successes and failures alongside contemporary and world events & developments within the Supermarine Aviation Company leading to the birth of the Spitfire.
Colin van Geffen
October 7th Britain From Above #
Using the newly restored Aerofilms archives, owned by English Heritage, Philip showed us photos of Britain taken from above between 1919 and 1953. He asked us to identify many of these, with mixed results. He concluded with images from on our local area and features. He also had a fund of stories associated with Aerofilms, the archive and its work.
Click here for the archive.
Philip Jacobs
September 2nd Women at War, that superior race! - Those Magnificent Women in their Flying Machines
Aviation Historian Jim Barnes told the story of how some very courageous and talented women contributed to the two worlds wars. Jim compared the success of the Air Transport Auxiliary women with the unhappy story of the Women's Air Service Pilots in the USA, and how women became expert in flying and instructing on fighters and bombers like the Spitfire and Lancaster - yes superior to men!
Jim Barnes
August 5th Guided missiles #
An illustrated historical overview of some surface to air guided missiles, their control and their targets and aspects of the associated electronic warfare. The talk will illustrate the progression from the large 'Berkut' liquid fuelled surface to air guided missiles deployed to protect Moscow in 1956 (which altered the Cold War balance of power) to the small portable surface to air guided missiles which enable a single individual to bring down a commercial airliner and the recent generation of versatile 'plug and play' 'shoot and scoot easily deployed long-life missiles.
Prof Anthony Davies
July 1st The Making of Guildford Blue
The history of the cloth trade in West Surrey in medieval and Tudor times which included the materials and processes used to make the cloth.
Matthew Alexander
June 3rd My Solo Walk across Africa
Fran talked to us about his extraordinary 3,000-mile solo walk coast to coast across Africa (from the Atlantic on Namibia's Skeleton Coast to the Indian Ocean at Zanzibar), the first time in history anyone has crossed Africa solo entirely on foot by this route.
Fran Sandham
May 6th The Joe Lyons Story - Food for Thought .
The Lyons Teashops, the Corner Houses and, of course, the Nippy waitresses have become part of social history. But this is only part of the story…..
The presentation, with archival photos, stretched from 1887 to 1990's, from the time when Joseph Lyons, a born entrepreneur, but with no previous experience of the catering industry, co-founded a company to sort out the indifferent catering at national exhibition halls of the late Victorian era. From small beginnings, the company progressed into catering for the general public and was to become the first 'food empire' in the world.
Neville Lyons
April 1st The Micro/Nano-Satellite Revolution #
The University of Surrey, together with its spin-out company - SSTL - is a world leader in the design, construction and operation of micro-satellites. Recent technological advances have made it possible to construct even smaller satellites, at an order of magnitude less cost. These "nano-satellites" open up many new possibilities for space exploration. In 2000, Surrey launched its first 6.5 kg nano-satellite: SNAP-1, which demonstrated remote inspection and autonomous orbital manoeuvring using advanced miniaturised technologies. Surrey recently launched STRaND-1, a ~3kg Cubesat, to demonstrate new smart-phone and electric propulsion technology in orbit. Such satellites pave the way for formations of ultra-miniature spacecraft, which together are capable of synthesising complex functions. The lecture reviewed the history of satellite activities at Surrey and discussed the technologies that will revolutionise space exploration in the 21st Century.
Click here for a pdf of the presentation (~14 MBytes)
Prof. Craig I. Underwood Surrey Space Centre, The University of Surrey
March 4th The Greatest Toy Maker in the World - Meccano Ltd.
A extended lecture (finishing around 12.30 pm), illustrated by slides, on the long history and development of the great toy making firm Meccano Ltd., and their many different toy products, with an emphasis on their constructional toy Meccano -"Engineering in miniature'. A display of Meccano Ltd. products and memorabilia was displayed.
Frank Paine
February 4th Mapledurham Mill: The Miller's Tale from Domesday to 2012 #
The mill is the only surviving watermill on the Thames. The presentation covered the history of the mill, how the machinery works, the differences in the flours produced, and a brief explanation about the Archimedes turbine adjoining the mill. Click for website with pictures.
Corry Starling miller, Mapledurham Mill
January 7th The Tyzack Tool-making business
The talk started from 1614 with the award to Sir Robert Mansell of the monopoly for the use of coal to melt glass. Paulle Tyzack got a licence from Sir Robert and began the glass industry of Stourbridge. The family started the now-famous tool making business in 1719. From tiny beginnings the tool companies expanded fast, and in 1840, moved to a rundown suburb of London to follow the fast-growing furniture industry in order to sell the saws that are now synonymous with the name Tyzack.
Don Tyzack RMS member