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Our monthly Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month in the East Horsley Village Hall, Kingston Avenue, KT24 6QT, off the B2039 just south of Horsley Railway Station (OS Ref. TQ090542; phone 01483 285019). The meetings normally start at 10:15 for coffee. Partners are welcome; no attendance fee is payable. Parking at the Hall is very restricted and members are requested to make best use of the space available.

The programme for earlier years can be found here: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016.

Programme meetings earlier this year can be found here.

August 2nd
The Crop Circle Mystery
Andy gives a fascinating guide to the enduring mystery of crop circles, the enigmatic shapes found swirled into fields each summer. He looks at the facts, history and theories behind this compelling puzzle.
Can it really all just be man-made art, or is there a more mysterious source, as many believe? If so, what could this phenomenon mean for our times?
Crop Circles
Crop Circles
Andy Thomas
Andy Thomas
September 6th
WWII Battlefield Radios
The needs of World War Two provided an exceptional stimulus for major and rapid innovations in electronics and radio technology and this was reflected in the designs of battlefield radios for the British Army.
At the time, there were many small companies in Britain capable of quickly producing new designs with innovative features. The resources for the required large scale production were not available, and so manufacture of some of the wireless sets was subcontracted to companies in USA and Canada, the WS 19 tank set being the best known of these.
The talk will be a mainly-non-technical description of the wireless communications facilities provided for the battlefield environment, primarily by showing extensive photographs of actual equipment.
Radio type 209 Radio type 209
Prof Anthony Davies
Anthony Davies
October 4th
Parliament and the strange laws of England
Big Ben, Houses Of Parliament and River Thames
Houses Of Parliament
Malcolm Newman
November 1st An Edwardian Nursery Magic Lantern Show
Frank Paine
December 6th Averting Disaster: How to save a collapsing building
A disaster is the last link in a chain of events. This talk shows how a partial collapse of a building was saved from becoming a disaster. It explains what was done, the risks involved, and the techniques used. It contains a forensic analysis of the events leading up to the partial collapse, and shows how the first link in the chain of events for a building or aviation related disaster can occur many years before it actually happens. The talk includes a method of assessing what to look for in identifying a developing chain of events and how such a chain can be prevented from becoming a disaster.
Chris Shaw (Member)
January 3rd Death of the Lamp bulb
John Otten
February 7th Novel Hydroelectric Schemes
Lars Boerner
March 7th Rebuilding the Welsh Highland Railway
Andy Savage
April 4th Genesis of the Jet Engine
Ian Whittle
May 2nd AGM + Talk: History of Windmills
John Bayliss (member)
June 6th Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance
Lucy Bird
July 4th
History and Humour of Fleet Street
Followed by Cream Tea at 3:45pm
Peter Durrant
August 1st Brunell's Billiard Table
The early years of the GWR
Jim Kemp
September 5th Bat Boat to Red Arrows
Aircraft designs from Kingston
David Hassard

Past Meetings

July 5th
Cream Tea and Flying from a pilot's point of view
A brief look at Air Traffic Control; an explanation of what is required to get an A319 Airbus ready for a flight from Heathrow to Edinburgh; explanation of the pilot's flight instruments and the information they display; a look at landing aids, and the challenges of operating into Heathrow.
Condensation trails
Condensation trails
Lorimer Burn
Lorimer Burn
June 7th Restoration of the Wey and Arun Canal
Graeme's talk gave a brief outline of the history of the canal and an update of the restoration so far and what is planed for the future. He has been a member of the trust for about 7 years and is a qualified skipper and crew for the Trusts trip boats.
Graeme Lewington
May 3rd
AGM and ‘Sign of the Times’
Colin took an amusing look at things around us in everyday life. He offered a little ‘educational interest’ and lots of amusement looking at accidental, as well as intentional curiosities, and some everyday things we ‘see’ but don’t notice…
Sign of the times
Sign of the times
Colin Van Geffen
Colin van Geffen
April 5th
Droughts, Deluges and Dust-devils
Our weather has always made the headlines, be it the great storms of 1703 and 1987, the heat wave in August 2003 when a Kent weather station set a national record and the blazing 1976 summer when fires raged across the Surrey and Hampshire countryside and Hampshire set a June temperature record. The winters of 1947 and 1963 have become legendary.
Snow in January 1987
Snow in January 1987
Ian Currie
Ian Currie
March 1st
The design challenges of building Concorde. Graham gave us an insight into the issues of airframe and engines flying over Mach 2 and how they were overcome.
BA Concorde G-BOAC
BA Concorde G-BOAC
Dr Graham Rood
February 1st
Space Vehicles – getting around in space
Graham will discuss the development of planetary roving vehicles over the past 50 years, from the Apollo Lunar Rover to the sophisticated NASA Curiosity Rover currently on Mars today. In this illustrated talk, we will look at why there is the need for mobility in order to enhance the scientific and geological return from our exploration and cover what these vehicles have taught us about various planetary bodies.
Lunar lander Challenger with Rover
Lunar lander Challenger with Rover in the valley of Taurus Littrow
Graham Bryant
Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and currently chairman of the Hampshire Astronomical Group.