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These pictures give an idea of some of the areas our members have worked in.

Turbo generator fm antenna on CN tower Part of fm transmitter on CN tower Radar display consoles Printed Circuit Silicon wafer with integrated circuits

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About us

The Surrey Retired Members Section (RMS) of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, Surrey Local Area Network was founded in 1989. It was set up to enable members of the IET who have retired from their normal full-time occupations to meet up with like-minded friends and colleagues on a regular basis.

The major activity of the RMS is a meeting held on the first Wednesday of each month at East Horsley Village Hall. Proceedings begin with a time of social interaction over coffee followed by a talk given by a visiting speaker. The talks themselves are sometimes of a technical nature outlining, for example, recent developments in some aspect of engineering or perhaps reviewing the historic development of a particular technology; such technical presentations are interspersed with general-interest talks on a variety of subjects. Bearing in mind the widely-differing backgrounds of our members and the fact that we encourage spouses and guests to attend, we urge even our "technical" lecturers to make their presentations as accessible as possible.

In addition to these monthly meetings many of our members belong to one or more of our sub-groups the most active of which is the PC group which meets monthly at Newdigate Village Hall; we also have a Walking group, a portfolio group and a music & theatre group who meet from time to time. The RMS also organises a Christmas lunch each December, and a cream tea follows our July meeting which is held in the afternoon. Further details of some of these activities are to be found on other pages of this website. Members also participate in activities of the IET Surrey Local Area Network.

Our technical activities are supported financially by the IET; our non-technical/social activities are funded by an annual subscription which currently stands at 10 per annum.


We extend a warm invitation to all retired engineers to become members of our RMS; The Application form (MS Word) can be downloaded here. Alternative formats available are .rtf and .pdf. Please edit the form and email it to the RMS Membership Secretary John Parker and the Treasurer Guy Meakin. Full instructions for payment are at the bottom of the form.


  1. PDF (Portable Document Format) documents can be opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader (very large download) or Foxit Reader (smaller download). Foxit reader should be able to open almost any PDF file.
    Foxit reader can be downloaded here.
    Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded here.
  2. Persons participating in walks or meetings in private houses do so entirely at their own risk. Members should be aware of fire and safety arrangements at meetings.

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